11 Nov 2017

The Stunt Man (USA, 1980)

The Stunt Man (USA, 1980)

Director: Richard Rush. Starring: Peter O'Toole, Steve Railsback, Barbara Hershey...

The film's director talks about the opening credit sequence which is a chain of seemingly innocuous little events, each one leading to the next and that eventually bring us to the introduction of the main character.

The credits are still going when we spot the pinball machine, and in the director's commentary on the film he says "The random bumping of the balls, like random events in life, striking each other, being the cause of other events, kind of a definition of fate. Very topically correct for the film."...

While the guy is playing, a friend walks by and comments:  "Hey, Morton! Is your ass attached to that machine? You wiggle it, that's gonna make ball go where you want it to, huh?!"

Then there's a shot with an anxious man in the foreground watching the cops walk into the place, and we see the whole pinball machine, which is a Fireball (Bally, 1971)...

The cops go to order some food and the anxious guy (Cameron) walks over to the pinball machine, trying to play it cool, but the cops come over...

Cop 1: You're lucky. Someone left you a free ball.
Cameron: Uh-huh.
Cop 2: Hey, you got 20,000. You're gonna win.
Cameron: Win what?
Cop 2: A free game.
Cameron: Terrific. Just what I need, one more chance to lose.

Then they cuff him. And then....

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