29 Dec 2016

American Graffiti (USA, 1973)

American Graffiti (USA, 1973). Director: George Lucas, Starring: Richard Dreyfuss, Ron Howard...

Well, I much preferred Star Wars, but the success of this film made that film possible, I guess.

Dreyfuss’ character is basically kidnapped by members of the Pharaohs gang. They go into an arcade and he distracts the owners whilst they jimmy the locks and grab the nickels and dimes from the cashboxes.

Anyway, not much to say, except that this contains an example of pinball anachronism. The movie is set in 1962, yet every machine we see was only made 3 to 9 years later.

From left to right in the still below… Wild Wild West (Gottlieb, 1969), Royal Guard  (Gottlieb, 1968), Skyrocket  (Bally, 1971), Vampire  (Bally, 1971), Buckaroo (Gottlieb, 1965)...

In the corner is a Ball Park  (Williams, 1968) bat game (not a pinball), and on the right in the frame is a crane game and a shooting game.

Skyrocket (leftmost in the following still) is of particular significance to me, since a collector friend lent me one, and I’ve played many a game on it!

As a bonus, Ron Howard was also in the TV series Happy Days (1974–1984), which I used to watch as a kid. Another case of pinball anachronism, since the series is set from about 1955 to 1965, and they’ve got a Nip-It (Bally, 1972). Heyyyyyyy...

Game over.

[Edit 2017.12.09: added better still for Happy Days]

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  1. I believe the crane game is a poorly repainted ‘56 Williams Crane and the rifle game is a ‘69 Williams Spooks. Just for posterity.