29 Dec 2016

Profondo Rosso (Italy, 1975)

Profondo Rosso (Italy, 1975) [A.K.A. Deep Red or The Hatchet Murders]
Director: Dario Argento.  Stars: David Hemmings, Daria Nicolodi...

This genre is really not my thing. The only reason I watched this film was because it was mentioned in The Complete Pinball Book: Collecting the Game & Its History by Marco Rossignoli (a great book on everything pinball). There are a few paragraphs where he mentions a few apparitions of pinball in movies, and that planted the pinballspotting seed in my head.

Anyway, there’s a scene wherein the main character is making a telephone call in a café, but is having a hard time hearing due to the noisy Jungle Life (Gottlieb, 1973) pinball machine and players on one side and and the espresso maker on the other...

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