29 Dec 2016

Flamingo Road (USA, 1949)

Flamingo Road (USA, 1949). Director: Michael Curtiz. Starring: Joan Crawford, Zachary Scott, Sydney Greenstreet...

Apparently, this movie was originally intended as a vehicle for Ann Sheridan, who turned it down. Which is too bad, because I prefer Sheridan to Crawford.

Anyway, in a some scenes in a roadhouse, we can spot a couple of pinball machines, which were both flipperless and from the late 30s.

The cabinet of this one looks exactly like the one I could not identify in They Drive By Night (1940) which I wrote about previously in this post...

This time we can see the backglass, which is from a Rink (Genco Manufacturing Co., 1939). The photos of the cabinet on ipdb.org do not match, but it does match in this vintage photo on photoseeum. On the flipside, whilst searching for this machine, I stumbled upon some info that helped identify a different piece of the puzzle concerning They Drive By Night (which I’ve updated in that post).

In a different scene at the same roadhouse, we can spot a Box Score (Daval, 1939). The cabinet doesn’t look quite right, but it’s too hard to make out, so we’ll just leave it at that...

[Edit 2017.12.05: Changed stills for better quality ones]

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