29 Dec 2016

It’s Impossible to Learn to Plow by Reading Books (USA, 1988)

It’s Impossible to Learn to Plow by Reading Books (USA, 1988). Director, producer, writer, cinematographer, editor, actor, etc. : Richard Linklater.

His first feature, filmed on Super 8, an experimental road movie of sorts, but on busses and trains. Starting in his home base of Austin, Texas, Linklater travels to visit a friend in another state, and takes a roundabout route home. One could almost consider it a documentary, as there’s no real plot. It’s frankly not very interesting, but it can be seen as an experiment in filming the mundane, which is the opposite of what most movies want to show.

At least there’s a pinballspotting... in a stop in Missoula, Montana, he plays a FirePower (Williams, 1980)  [Pretty sure... the cabinet artwork is definitely that, but the backbox seems to jut out strangely. Anyway, good enough...]

Game over.

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