29 Dec 2016

Dead Ringer (USA, 1964)

Dead Ringer (USA, 1964). Director: Paul Henreid. Stars: Bette Davis, Karl Malden, Peter Lawford...

A not great but watchable thriller with Bette Davis playing twin sisters (the second film in which she does so).

There’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it glimpse of two pinball machines in a bar as Bette walks by in a huge hat and veil. One is a Deluxe Duette (Gottlieb, 1955) and the other I could not identify. [Sorry about the poor quality of the image... I had to photograph my TV screen, and it’s such a quick scene. The better shot is the second one, when Bette’s almost out of view...]

Bette Davis bonus:
A much earlier film Bette starred in was Special Agent (USA, 1935) directed by William Keighley. George Brent goes undercover to bring down a racketeer with Bette’s help.

There’s a scene in the racketeer’s penny arcade, where we can spot some very early pinball machines, definitely flipperless, possibly bumperless for the most part, but in any case, difficult to identify...

room91334 has managed to identify the one in this first photo as a Major League (Model 44) (PAMCO, 1934)... the others could very well be the same machines, or similar...

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