29 Dec 2016

Everyone Stares: The Police Inside Out (USA, 2006)

Everyone Stares: The Police Inside Out (USA, 2006). Director: Stewart Copeland. Starring: Sting, Andy Summers, Ian Copeland, Miles Copeland III...

Well, it’s been a bit slow lately for pinballspotting, and I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel a bit.  This time we have a documentary by Stewart Copeland, drummer extraordinaire for The Police, a brilliant pop/rock band IMHO. He compiled Super 8 footage he shot, piecing together an inside look at the history of the band and analyzing the effects of fame.

In a brief sequence inside (I believe) an office or studio in New York city circa 1978-79, Sting and Andy are horsing around next to a Galahad (Bally, 1970) pinball machine. I made a silly little animated GIF...

Bonus [added 2018.03.13]
I stumbled upon this photo of The Police with a row of pinball machines, photographer/original source and date unknown, probably late 70s.

From left to right... Space Mission (Williams, 1976), Rancho (Williams, 1977), Sting with Hot Tip (Williams, 1977), Andy Summers with Prospector (Sonic, 1977), Stewart Copeland with Rock Star (Gottlieb, 1978), Ship Ahoy (Gottlieb, 1976), and Evel Knievel (Bally, 1976)...

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