29 Dec 2016

Madigan (USA, 1968)

Madigan (USA, 1968). Director: Don Siegel. Stars: Richard Widmark, Henry Fonda, Inger Stevens, Harry Guardino, Susan Clark...

Despite the talent involved, a disappointing movie with some bad writing, and that doesn’t know quite what it wants. Is it a gritty New York City police thriller or a drama?

Anyway, there’s a scene in a bar, when Madigan and his partner check out a tip from one of their lush informants and we can spot three pinball machines (from left to right): Thing (Chicago Coin, 1951), Happy Clown (Gottlieb, 1964) and Ship-Mates (Gottlieb, 1964)...

Chicago Coin’s “Thing" was based on a novelty song “The Thing” that was a big hit released late 1950, recorded by Phil Harris and others (including Ray Charles). If the dates are correct, they worked pretty fast to develop the machine and release it.

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