29 Dec 2016

Saint Jack (USA, 1979)

Saint Jack (USA, 1979). Director: Peter Bogdanovich. Stars: Ben Gazzara, Denholm Elliott, George Lazenby...

I love Ben Gazzara’s character in this movie… savvy and so full of life and charm, rolling with it all. It’s a departure from the kinda depressing one found in Paul Theroux’s novel that it was based upon. This was apparently the only Hollywood movie ever made on location in Singapore. A seamy Singapore now long gone. They had to shoot it under false pretenses (and script) for fear of getting in trouble with the authorities.

Bogdanovich intended the film to be directed by Orson Welles, but things fell through, leading to lengthy falling out before they reconciled.
Pinball-wise, there’s not much, admittedly, but still. Bogdanovich himself plays a role in the film, and there’s a scene we see him play Dogies (Bally, 1968)...

I must thank the extremely knowledgeable Mike Hanley of The Church of the Silver Ball because he identified the machine for me. I was totally thrown by the wallpapered sides… I didn’t even know that kind of thing was done.

In another scene in this game room, we spot two other machines in addition to the aforementioned. They changed the order from the above still, so from left to right: Four Seasons (Gottlieb, 1968), Dogies and one I could not identify...

Game over.

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