29 Dec 2016

The Whole Shootin’ Match (USA, 1978)

The Whole Shootin’ Match (USA, 1978). Director: Eagle Pennell. Stars: Lou Perryman, Sonny Carl Davis, Doris Hargrave.

I was unaware of this film and director until I followed a trail from his fellow Austin, Texas based filmmaker Richard Linklater, who has said that this film was the one that made him believe it was possible to make films. Robert Redford has said that after seeing this film, he was inspired to start the Sundance Institute.

It’s a low-budget independent production shot in black & white on 16mm. There’s some pretty nice music by Pennell’s brother.  The story follows two buddies who can’t seem to hold down jobs, and try to come up with ideas to get rich quick. They drink a lot, flirt with women, and of them is a tinkerer, trying to come up with a money-making gadget.

In a scene in a bar restroom, two women get into a fight over one of the guys (the one who’s married!). The fight moves out into the bar, knocking over a pile of boxes next to a Spirit of 76 (Gottlieb, 1975) machine...

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